Bioactivity… Some say it, we do it !
Demonstrating the performance of its functional hydrolysates is absolutely paramount for AQUATIV. Not only are we able to screen our ingredients performances with comprehensive and sophisticated in-vitro tests but we also possess our own testing facility (in IFREMER) where our fish nutritionists, veterinarian, aquaculture specialists and technicians run tests every single day of the year on fish! And these tests are further supported by the extensive use of the most modern tools of molecular biology and biochemistry.

Our products development and science are also supported by our international network of world class independent test facilities in 4 continents, that have demonstrated and documented the performance of our bioactive peptides on all the major aquaculture species such as tilapia, pangasius, Atlantic salmon, shrimp, trout, hirame, sea bream and sea bass…

This truly makes us a really unique player in our field of hydrolysates.

Today, we are confident while saying that we are the sole player documenting and demonstrating the performance of its functional hydrolysates in such a solid way !

How do bioactive peptides work ?

More than 80% of the metabolic pathway are induced by bioactive peptides.
Health Benefits