Process line standard
All our process lines are made from food grade sanitary process equipments and stainless steel pipes.
All of our products are made under the guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and a company Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP) which includes a Defect and Corrective Action Plan as well as a Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures (SSOP).
All of our processes are operated and controlled by state of the art Process Logic Control system (PLC) insuring standardization of product transformation and full traceability.
Each step of the process is carefully managed to minimize heat and process impact that could damage the product quality therefore maximizing the product quality.

Raw material reception

All marine by-products that we process are purchased fresh from local suppliers and from the time they are harvested until they are processed in the production plants, they are held in a cold room at cold temperature (less than 8°C).
All by-products are being processed within less than 24h insuring highest quality and freshness possible.

Enzymatic process

At the end of the process a pasteurization step deactivates the enzymes and insures product safety.
At this stage the product follows two paths: stabilization and storage as a liquid Hydrolysate or goes through another series of processes to obtain a powder Hydrolysate

Stabilization and storage for liquid hydrolysates

After pasteurization the Hydrolysate is rapidly cooled down and acid is dosed to reach pH below 4 allowing for long term storage at room temperature.

Separation and extraction

After pasteurization, the product is directly discharged through a series of separators to extract oil, bones and proteins.
The oil obtained is cooled down and anti-oxidized before storage.

Evaporation and spray drying

The protein fraction extracted from the separation is then being concentrated through an evaporator before being spray dried.
The flash evaporation taking place in the spray dryer and its cooling effect allows for a gentle drying where product temperature never exceeds 60°C. The residence time of the product in the drying chamber is less than 30s and cooled down to less than 30°C right away before bagging.

Product storage and shipping

We can pack liquids and oil in multiple form of packaging based upon specific client request going from 50L drums, IBC, Bag in box all the way to 20 tons Flexitanks. The powder is packed in 20kg to 50kg bags or an 800kg to 1 ton SuperSacs.