ACTIPAL™ is AQUATIV’s brand for its natural functional hydrolysates range developed to improve aqua feed performance by bringing a unique peptide profile with combined benefits : health, nutrition and feed intake.

Functional hydrolysates are produced using our cutting edge technology of enzymatic hydrolysis inherited from Diana group and acquired from our strong R&D in marine fresh raw material processing. Key quality elements here are peptides profile characterization and standardization, in vitro and in vivo performance demonstration in laboratory and testing centers.
The performance of all types of feed (starter, juvenile, transfer, medicated, grower or with low fish meal) can be improved with Aquativ’s range of functional hydrolysates
For each modern diets, there is an ACTIPAL™ solution.
Thanks to raw material diversity (tuna, tilapia, krill, shrimp, squid, hake & sardine) and process mastery,  AQUATIV is able to offer a wide choice of powders and liquids to comply with feed nutritional and industrial constraints.

For more information, please contact us at aquativ@diana-aqua.com