Encouraged by Petfood customers to work on palatants for aquafeed, Diana started building its new aquaculture division in 2006 and decided to bring in all the successful foundations and core values that had made Diana a world leader in organoleptic and nutritional solutions based on natural ingredients dedicated to Food, Pet Food, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics industries. 
A PhD in fish nutrition was hired as head of R&D and he rapidly set up a unique testing center where all products performances could be verified and accurately evaluated. AQUATIV was born!
AQUATIV obviously inherited Diana’s expert knowledge in hydrolysis and applied new cutting edge technologies to develop controlled hydrolysis process for marine based co-products raw materials. 

Though initial products formulations were entirely elaborated towards palatability enhancement, several years of dedicated work on marine raw material hydrolysis and the effects of small marine peptides on farmed aquatic species led to breakthroughs in identifying the physiological effects of peptide fractions in fish and shrimp.

Since then, we have been developing a wide range of functional hydrolysates (liquid or powder) able to bring functionality to the feed, improving the overall health status of the animal and increasing the productivity at the farm.
Progressing with the financial, scientific, technical and industrial network resources of Diana Group, AQUATIV expanded all over the world developed functional hydrolysates in liquid and powder form from various sources of raw materials.
AQUATIV has built up a team entirely dedicated to aquaculture, including fish and shrimp nutritionists, health specialist and veterinarians to deliver the most performing ingredients to the aquaculture industry.
AQUATIV has become the sole player entirely dedicated to delivering highly performing hydrolysates to the Aqua feed industry.