Fish and shrimp natural marine based diets do ensure appropriate supply of nutrients and compounds with irreplaceable bioactivity and values for health. By using only marine based raw materials and concentrating those irreplaceable compounds within its functional hydrolysates, AQUATIV truly delivers performance from nature.
Though the health enhancement properties of peptides is strongly documented for many vertebrates, including humans and fish, AQUATIV scientists have built up extensive know how in demonstrating our peptides bioactivity in vitro as well as in vivo.
Supported by applied sciences such as peptidomic and proteomic, genomic and transcriptomic, peptides fractionation and isolation, antimicrobial or antioxidant in vitro tests, AQUATIV R&D, bioengineers and technical experts elaborate and pilot our controlled hydrolysis processes and methods towards the production of the most bioactive peptides to deliver stronger results upon applications on fish and shrimp feed.

Not only do AQUATIV hydrolysates contain a complete blend of purified bioactive peptides, but there marine origin also make our ingredients a source of other valuable and highly bioavailable low molecular weight compounds such as nucleotides or taurine, adding to the presence of interesting lipids.
These natural assets make AQUATIV ingredients a natural and obvious choice to promote fish and shrimp health.
Their incorporation to the feed lead to :
     ► Naturally enhancing the animals immune status and thus its disease resistance
     ► Naturally increase anti-oxydative and anti microbial defenses
     ► The preservation of gut health through a trophic effect of enterocytes and gut microbiota
     ► Naturally decreased stress thanks to their opioid effect
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