How can growth performances be maintained on our farmed species when fish meal and fish oil replacement are at the heart of modern feed formulation challenge ? Good quality fish meal remains an essential component of the feed for many farmed species or at certain physiological stages. Its total replacement hardly ever goes without adverse effects for the aquatic organisms.
This difference is explained by the presence in fishmeal of specific low molecular weight active compounds that are absolutely essential for animal growth and that are not found in plant based or land animal based ingredients. These essential nutrients, such as soluble peptides, nucleotides, taurine, anserine, carnosine are actually found in marine meals but they are not concentrated.

AQUATIV functional hydrolysates are precisely a concentrate of these crucial nutrients
This near perfect digestibility renders our ingredients highly bio-available for the aquatic organisms while matching their nutritional requirements of essential nutrients.

AQUATIV functional hydrolysates therefore offer feed formulators powerful solutions to :
     ► Efficiently outweight FISH MEAL SUBSTITUTION drawbacks
     ► Offset fishmeal quality variation
     ► INCREASE feed protein DIGESTIBILITY and therefore :
          • Substantially increase growth and feed conversion rates on farm
          • Reduce farm wastes due to better N and P uptake
          • Formulate efficient feeds for early life stages where digestive capacities are limited
     ► Enhance the protein life cycle of seafood protein since all our hydrolysates are obtained from fisheries or aquaculture co-products. This is a major achievement with regards to SUSTAINABLE SOURCING of quality marine proteins and a great step towards reducing the “fish in – fish out” (FIFO) ratio of the aquaculture industry
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