Product testing in fish and shrimp is an important step before launching newly developed functional hydrolysates. All the products developed by AQUATIV are validated according to standardized protocols.

To achieve this requirement, AQUATIV relies on its own aquaculture facilities along with its worldwide aquaculture research network. As a result, functional hydrolysate performances may be assessed upon several fish and shrimp species/growth stages and under different farming practices. Besides common zootechnical indicators (survival, feed intake, growth rate, feed conversion), physiological and immune parameters are now controlled to demonstrate functional hydrolysate (in vivo) bioactivity, using molecular biology and histological techniques.

Aquativ formulates and manufactures fish and shrimp feeds
to evaluate the performance of its hydrolysate in vivo

  Aquativ fish facilities - IFREMER
(48 tanks; European seabass; ARVO-TEC™ automatic feed system)

Results of a bacterial challenge conducted in a marine fish fed diets
containing or not hydrolysates
  Histological section of small intestine
from european seabass fed dietary hydrolysate